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Wedding Planning Tips:

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Wedding Planning Tips:              (click each title)

Wedding Planning Tips:

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Create a list of Needs and Wants.  What is a Must?  Take care of those first!  What is a Need?  And, what is a Want?  You may be able to look at your budget and find that you are willing to have less of one thing, in order to add something extra in another area or you’d rather give up something in order to splurge on something you think is worth it.  Basically, what’s of most importance to you?

While we’re talking budget – it’s certainly safe to skimp on quality for some things, but, please, please research your wedding pros and don’t let this be an area where you simply opt for “the cheapest.”

And, if you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding planner, keep in mind that they are trained to get the most out of your budget and have great working relationships with industry professionals.  You may find that you’d get more in return than you’d spend on paying their salary.

A common theme running throughout the wedding day creates a great ambience.  Whether you base your wedding around a common color or specific theme, it all needs to be cohesive.  From the flowers, to delicious desserts, to the dresses, and the beautiful wedding stationary, the color and/or theme should carry throughout.  Once you decide on something, it actually makes planning a breeze, as you know where to focus your attention.
Create and organize a Pinterest Board exclusively for showing your wedding pros.  Eliminate old inspiration items and keep only the items you have decided made the final cut.  Have something to show the planner, florist, cake artist, caterer, even dress shops.  Don’t expect a professional to duplicate someone else’s work, though, as their goal is to use those pins as inspiration, to create something totally unique to you and your wedding!
Unless you’re a stickler for tradition, throw it out of the window (I mean, not literally, of course, lol)!  It’s your wedding, be creative with it!  Need help with your vision?  Let us or another professional help you!  Don’t forget that, beyond buying, you can rent and borrow anything from single décor items to entire backdrops!  Those are the best ways to add gorgeous décor to your event, without breaking the bank.  Oh, and stay out of the wedding section of a store, unless you have to – you’ll spend more money for the same item, two isles over, not marked as a wedding item.
No matter how lavish, big or small the wedding, the vows you say to your future spouse are what matters.  You’re committing to each other.  If you can, write your own heartfelt vows and don’t feel like you have to memorize them – you’re not acting, this is real life!  It’s ok to read them!  Then, you can frame them and put them on the wall, in your home.  It’ll be a great, visual reminder of your promise to each other!
What services are you in need of?
A Fully Planned, Gorgeous Wedding, so all you need to do is show up???
Designer/Decorator Services?  30 Day Planner Services?
Day-of-Coordinator?  Backdrop Rental?
Eliminate the Stress!  Let My Unreal Wedding plan Your Unreal Wedding!

Wedding Cake Tips:

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Wedding Cake Tips:              (click each title)

Wedding Cake Tips:

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It is very important to book your wedding cake AT LEAST 6 months in advance of your wedding date.  Once you fall in love with your baker, BOOK THEM!  There is no guarantee your wedding date will stay open without your deposit.
Don’t be afraid to “know your budget.”  Cakes aren’t always ‘how much’ they appear to be.  That being said, cakes can be as cheap or expensive as you’d like them to be (hence, depending on the baker you choose).  Some bakers will have a cake order minimum in effect.  Don’t be afraid to ask about pricing and try to be as understanding to the costs as possible.  Just like any job, there is time, cost, labor, and most importantly experience involved.
– Does it taste good?
– Are the designs and presentations of the cake inside and outside perfect?  (Wait. perfect!?  That’s a big intake!  But, yes, perfect and  flawless.  Undeniably, they know their sugar!)
– Is the Baker organized?
– Do they offer tips and advise? (Oh, please take their advice!)
– And, are they licensed?
– Found someone with all of these qualities???  SCORE!
What cake designs speak to you?  Simple, rustic, elaborate, shimmering, sparkly, big, tall, short, small, the list goes on.  Whatever it may be, make sure your baker can pull it off, ask about details involved, and make sure to browse through their work.
Cake tastings are an absolute must for choosing your baker!  Find out how bakers in your area offer cake tastings.  Are they privately set up for couples and/or their bridal parties, or are they open to tasting parties where 2, 3, maybe 4 engaged couples attend one meeting?  How many flavor choices can you try AND choose?  How is the tasting set up?  Some bakers may charge for the cake tasting and if so, that’s ok.  If your not wanting to pay for your cake tasting, that’s ok, too.  Try to be understanding of the bakers reasoning behind charging to do a tasting.  In most cases, independent bakeries will charge, even when trying to gain business, for the following reasons.  One, it is to weed out the potential “lets pretend to be engaged clients” (yes, they do exist).  Second, cakes, fillings, and frostings still have to be custom made, specifically for your tasting.  And, third, we have to factor in all of the time involved, including your consultation time, which is 45 min to an hour, maybe even longer.  The tasting may also be held somewhere the baker has to lease, as well.  As there is so much involved behind the scenes, don’t be afraid to ask why or how!
So what are you looking for in a baker?!?
-You’ll know when you find the right one!

Honeymoon Planning Tips:

(click each title)

Honeymoon Planning Tips:              (click each title)

Honeymoon Planning Tips:

(click each title)
What Inspires You?  A romantic movie, pictures in a magazine, a friend’s honeymoon in Italy, a special family vacation, or your Pinterest board?  Put a list together, add some photos, and share it with your travel agent.
What About Amenities?  What kind of experience are you looking for?  Action & adventure, history & culture, relaxing beaches, luxury gourmet, a world class spa, high rise glamour, a personal butler service, or something unique & boutique?!?
Explore Destinations!  Imagine seeing beautiful sunsets on white sandy beaches or discovering the history of an ancient culture.  Top honeymoon destinations like Mexico, The Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific, and Europe are among the many that your Honeymoon Specialist can help you choose from.
Planning the most important trip of your life can be an overwhelming experience!  Let Certified Experts take the wheel, so you can focus on simply enjoying the start of your new life together with an unforgettable honeymoon.  Set up a Consultation with a Certified Honeymoon Specialist – their services are free, by the way, so there is no reason to avoid this stress saving opportunity!
Bring your Inspiration List with some photos to share with your Travel Agent, so you can start planning!
Honeymoon Specialists have relationships with top vacation resorts, cruise lines, and destinations with insider connections, helping you get the most out of your budget.  Honeymoons are the trip of a lifetime, your travel agent is there to make every moment of it as memorable as possible!
Confirm your plans with a deposit!  Secure your perfect itinerary with a deposit.  Then, begin planning the rest of your trip!
Let your guests pay for a candle light dinner on the beach, a tour of a medieval castle, or a relaxing day at the spa.  Honeymoon Specialists can help you set up a Honeymoon Registry, so your guests can help fund your trip of a lifetime!
You don’t want to forget anything, like getting or renewing your passport in advance, printing your travel itinerary, prescriptions, chargers for your electronic devices, or converters for traveling outside of the country.  Pack for the climate and don’t forget a swimsuit or two, a gift for your spouse, and perhaps some candles to set the mood!
You did it!  Now, it’s time to celebrate!  We will be with you every step of the way, to ensure everything goes as planned.  So, sit back and enjoy your honeymoon!  Soon enough, it will be time to start planning your first anniversary trip!
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