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SUNDAY, August 25, 2019

1:00 – 4:00pm

Columbia County Exhibition Center

REGISTER NOW ~ Vendor spots Limited by Category 

August 2018 Expo BRIDE Attendance:  164

The only bridal event in Columbia County!
Vendor Booths PLUS Bridal Inspiration!

The Feel of ROMANCE!  INSPIRATION from four Real Life Inspiration Boards!  INTERACTION with brides and industry professionals!
LIVE Elements!  FUN Cake Ribbon Prize Pull!  A UNIQUE way to reach the brides in our community!

75+ top quality wedding professionals, 24+ wedding categories, limited per category, 20,000 to 30,000 square feet of decorated space, stylish displays.

Each item in each Inspiration Board is provided by an Expo Vendor.
Brides get to meet wedding industry professionals, but also see their work in a gorgeously decorated wedding setting!

LOCAL producers, who are also wedding industry professionals, fully vested in promoting the industry and OUR community!

My Unreal Wedding Expo is UNIQUE!
Even if you participate in other bridal events, you will NOT want to miss the opportunity to present your business to our Unreal Brides!

It will be a Unique, Inspirational, Fun, and Profitable experience!

What does my Vendor Investment include?

– Standard Exhibit Hall booth space is 10’x10′, one table, one linen, two chairs (other options available)
– Real Life Inspiration Board Collaboration opportunity (based on availability)
– Bride Lead List, with their specific category needs, provided within a week of the Expo
– Your marketing materials and gift items added to the provided 100 Swag Bags
– Business logo and links listed in the full-color Event Guide
– Business Name and Link on Facebook and Instagram
– Online Link to your Business on the Event website
– Opportunity to participate in Contests and Promotions
– Two Free Tickets to give away in your own promotional contest
– Promotion of your business through our Social Media Pages (@MyUnrealWedding)
– Networking opportunity with wedding planners and other industry professionals
– Opportunity to Win one of our Booth Awards for Unreal Booth Design, Most Fun, Most Interactive, etc.
– Support, growth, and resources, well after the Expo!  We’re all about building OUR local community!

– FREE 6mo Wedding Resource Website, “Featured Wedding Pro” listing ($120 value)
– – – – To see an example page, visit:

My Unreal Wedding Expo Recap ~ March 2018

My Unreal Wedding Expo Recap ~ August 2017

What’s a Real Life Inspiration Board?

– There are four unique Real Life Inspiration Boards – mock wedding displays.
– Each is a fully styled photo shoot, brought to “Real Life” through the collaborative efforts of our vendors.
– A Collaborating Vendor may be assigned to one Board.  Each Board will need a florist, gowns and tux, shoes and jewelry, catering food plate and/or beverage display, cake or dessert, decor, furniture, invitations and signage, tableware and linens, and a photographer and videographer for the styled photo shoot (to take place prior to the start of the Expo).
– To contribute to a Real Life Inspiration Board, please contact us asap, as these spots fill up early!
– There is no additional fee to be a Collaborating Vendor, yet it is an amazing opportunity to show your work.

What’s the Benefit of being a Collaborating Vendor?

– Each Inspiration Board and its’ Collaborating Vendors are listed on the Event Guide. During the Expo, brides will see your work in a fully styled, romantic atmosphere ~ no imagination required.
– There will be Facebook LIVE posts, during the Expo, featuring each of the Boards.
– At each Inspiration Board, a large Sign will list each Collaborating Vendor – a coordinating sign will be provided for each Collaborating Vendor’s booth.
– Unique Menu Cards, listing each Collaborating Vendor will be available in each Inspiration Board.
– After the Expo, we will post recap photos and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and website, tagging each collaborator.
– Images will be used for the promotion of future events, tagging the Collaborating Vendors.
– In addition to the exposure to the brides, this is an incredible opportunity to network and collaborate with a unique group of your fellow wedding industry professionals.

How will the Expo be promoted?

  • Heavy, strategic Facebook ad campaigns, including more and more exciting FB Live Stops
  • Full-color Ad posted in Columbia County newsletter, mailed to 60,000+ homes
  • Ads, articles, or publicity segments on radio, tv, internet, in newspaper, and on all local Community Event Calendars
  • Billboard advertising campaigns, multiple locations
  • Vendors are REQUIRED to be involved and share at least one Facebook Post a week during the three weeks prior to the Expo
  • Ticket Giveaway Contest – One Free Set of Tickets to be given away by EACH participating vendor – promotes awareness and attendance!

LED Billboards, Strategically placed (this one at Washington and Cox)

LED Billboard at the busy Grovetown and I-20 entrance of the Columbia County Exhibition Center

Ad in Endless Opportunities Newsletter, mailed to each of the (60K+) Columbia County Residents and Businesses

Ongoing, Unique Advertising and Promotion…  Before, During, and After the Expo!

Vendor Participation Incentive Rewards:

Dinner for Two Gift Card drawing ~ Fulfill BOTH of these requirements to be entered
– Share at least one Facebook Post a week during the three weeks prior to the Expo
– Conduct a Social Media Ticket Contest, between dates of August 8 and (ending no later than) August 17th.

Best Booth Awards
– Most FUN, Most UNIQUE, Most INTERACTIVE, Most INSPIRING, Most Social Media Participation, Best Overall Booth
– BRING YOUR “A” GAME! Have Fun, BE Unique, BE Interactive, BE Inspiring!   🙂

Wedding Expo Success Tips:

1. Have a booth that stands out from the crowd and announces what you do immediately.
– Go VERTICAL if you can because tall booths stand out from across the room.

2. Give away something people will want.
– Cool freebies and sweets work well. The idea is to give away something that will draw brides to your booth.
– Swag Bag Items should have your business name and contact information on it for extra promotion.

3. Collect your own leads (name, wedding date, email) with a contest at your booth.
– Invite brides/grooms to enter a drawing for a valuable prize that has no strings attached. In other words, they don’t have to book you to use it, because it will attract more entries.  Have a drawing at your booth or after the Event.

4. Qualify clientele immediately when they get to your booth to make sure you’re available and they actually need your services.
– “What’s your date? Are you looking for a florist?” If not, wish them well and move on quickly so that you can meet as many people as possible.
– Think about offering a Show Special… some sort of discount or freebie if they book an appointment with you,

5. Set goals. Go for a meeting rather than trying to book right at the show.
– Don’t work for 15 – 30 minutes trying to get one client to sign on the line, while 20 clients walk by.  Talk to as many as you can, do follow up and then set meetings to sign the paperwork and close the sale.

6. Be friendly and approachable, engage the bride/groom, and stand in front of your table.
– Be sure to stand up during the expo, with uncrossed arms, beside or in front of your table.  You will be able to approach guests as they walk by, rather than waiting for them to walk all the way to you.  A warm body, friendly face, and enthusiastic voice makes all the difference in the world!
– Have a 2 minute sales pitch or rehearsed conversation planned, that covers your absolute best selling points.  What makes you unique?  What makes you valuable?  Why should they book you?  Why book today?

7. Have your own stack of cards and a tiny note pad and pen in one hand.
– You may not want to carry a large clipboard all day.  But, you WILL need a pad of paper to write notes on.  So, having a small, hand-size pad and pen allows for minimal bulk, yet you have the essentials.
– Let your assistant take care of the more time consuming paperwork, at your table, so you can continue to talk, making those critical contacts and quick notes.

8. Eat before the event and bring plenty to drink!
– Don’t get caught stuffing your face when a bride wants to talk to you.  Take a few minutes before the doors open to eat, so are fully prepared for the day!
– Also, your voice WILL get a workout.  You will be talking a lot, loud, and all day.  Keep water on hand.  Set it on your table, close to where you are standing, behind a photo or item on the table, then grab it every chance you get.  Keeping a few mints or lozenges in your pocket also helps!

9. Stay all the way until the end and don’t leave your booth.
– Packing up early looks unprofessional, and there are always couples who come in at the very end.

10. Network and introduce yourself to as many other wedding pros as possible.
– One of the biggest benefits of a bridal show is that it gives you a chance to network with dozens of other wedding vendors.
– Arrive extra early so that you can meet new people and reconnect with other pros. Try to find a way to help them and follow up with them after the show. This builds relationships that lead to referrals.

11. After the show, follow up fast!
– The value of the event does not stop at the show.  Follow up!  Send an email, text, or postcard with an image that reminds brides of your booth, and include a personal note. Confirm any appointments you’ve set.  Offer any additional discounts or deals.
– This, of course, extends to the Bride Lead List.  Don’t let this valuable information go to waste!  It’s your insider information to know who is looking for YOU!  (Quick reminder – this information is ONLY for YOU.)

12. Share your event pics on Social Media!
– Tag @MyUnrealWedding in your Social Media posts and we’ll do our best to share them in the recap pics!!!

“LOVE, love, love it! Merci, for putting your vendors FIRST!  BEST show – AMAZING people!”
– Michelle Towler, Pastry Amour

“It was a beautiful event! It was the first large event that I have done. I enjoyed it and loved the real life inspiration boards!”
– Amanda Borsodi, Pink Zebra

“I believe the quality of the vendors at your show was great and better than any other of the local events.”
– Traci Figgins, Elegant Bridals

“Very well put together, organized, and staff was exceptional!  Great job Diane & team!”
– Sheri Wise, Rodan + Fields

“I feel as though people take my business more serious when I participate in these bridal expos.”
– Kelsie Mellott, Mrs. Delightful’s Bakery

“Best bridal show I’ve ever participated in!”
– Rachael Renew, MUA

“The event really was great! I’m so glad I was able to participate. Thanks for all the hard work!”
– Rebekah Hagan, Florologie

“It was a great way to have multiple mini tastings, meet vendors I never would’ve known otherwise, and meet potential clients.”
– Janae Barcus, She Bakes It Designer Cakes

“My business benefited from having the opportunity to show my work in a “real life” setting in the form of the inspiration boards.”
– Regina Pyles, Pyles Design Works

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Pre-Function Area Open: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
EXPO HOURS: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


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