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Unreal Events are always   …   Fun, Unique, Interactive, & Inspiring

Unreal Events are always…
~ ~ ~
Fun, Unique, Interactive, & Inspiring

August 25h ~ 1-4pm
Columbia County Exhibition Center

August 25th ~ 1-4pm

Columbia County Exhibition Center

My Unreal Wedding Expo
Recap Video:

TICKETS on sale NOW!
$10 in ADVANCE   ~   $12 at the DOOR

Welcome to the only UNIQUE Bridal Show in the CSRA!  Be prepared to have FUN, while being INSPIRED.  Come ready to meet top quality wedding vendors of the area, who are ready to help you create your own unreal wedding!

Whether you’ve been to a bridal show or not, this one is unique!  So, here is some valuable information that will help you out, before you come, so you can get the most out of your day with us!

Take advantage of this unique way to reach a large group of your local clientele.  Receive local year-round support through our wedding resource website, social media outlets, expo, and venue shows.

About Us:

- Connecting Augusta area Brides and trusted, top-rated Wedding Industry Professionals

- Supporting our local community of Professionals and Venues

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